Sweet moments at Gerbeaud Café: Valentines Day

Every year, February 14th is an awaited day in Gerbeaud Café: we are constantly striving to surprise lovers with exciting cakes and sweets. Spend your Valentine’s Day at Gerbeaud Café!   This was no different this year when Robert Martha, creative pastry chef at Gerbeaud, tuned in on Valentine’s Day: our heart-shaped macaron in the … Continued

Gerbeaud holiday season

Staying at Budapest in this holiday season? After bustling around the Christmas market on the Vörösmarty square, you must come to the renowned Gerbeaud Café.   Gerbeaud’ opening hours are the following during the holiday season: 24th of December: 9AM-2PM 25th of December: 9AM-9PM 26 th of December: 9AM-9PM   Have a sweet moment with … Continued

New Years Eve at Gerbeaud Café

Tradition and innovation. These are our legacies which guide the daily life as well as the festive moments of the more than 161 years old Gerbeaud Café, that we are honored to share with you in the last day of the year.   ONE GLASS OF SPARKLING WINE AS A WELCOME DRINK Francois President Pinot … Continued

Our new menu has just arrived

Our new menu has debuted on July 3, with a strong emphasis on hot courses again. Since the beginning of the year we have revived a new chapter of the Gerbeaud legend: we have expanded our offer with main courses.   The hot kitchen is not an antecendent in our history, since anno a restaurant … Continued

Gerbeaud natural water

The values of Budapest are countless. The unique natural capability of the Hungarian capital means that numerous medicinal and mineral water springs up. From now our guests would be able to benefit from this experience. Our excellent drinking water was made more cleaner and smoother by the high-quality, environmentally friendly Swedish Thoreau filter system, and … Continued

Gerbeaud is preparing with beer-paprika flavours for Gourmet Festival

The Gerbeaud Group has been visiting the Gourmet Festival for several years now, so it has routinely incorporated this year’s pepper, cedar, and beer theme into their variety of gastronomy units.   The Gerbeaud confectionery will bring both classical and modern flavors and surprise the audience with limited specialties such as beer bonbons, chili macarons, … Continued


In addition to our world famous Dobos cake, Royal chocolate or Somlói sponge from 2019 our guests also can enjoy goulash soup, Wiener schnitzel or vegetarian meals within the historic walls of the 161-year-old Gerbeaud Confectionery and Café. The notion of hot-dish cuisine is not an unknown one in our history: in 1986, the visit … Continued

Easter at Gerbeauds

A real Ester speciality has come to the counter of Gerbeaud Café, which was dreamed by the creative pastry chef of Gerbeaud and the two Michelin-starred Onyx Restaurant, Mártha Róbert. We could tell about our adoration of the special “Eggdessert”, but let the pictures speak instead of us. The essence is: hazelnut-carrot cake, Dulcey “chocolate nest”, orange … Continued