Our new menu has just arrived

Our new menu has debuted on July 3, with a strong emphasis on hot courses again. Since the beginning of the year we have revived a new chapter of the Gerbeaud legend: we have expanded our offer with main courses.


The hot kitchen is not an antecendent in our history, since anno a restaurant was operated in the City Park called Royal Gerbeaud Pavillon by Émile Gerbeaud himself. Now we have re-invented our master’s concept in the Gerbeaud Café area united with the Bistro Restaurant. The Café not only pampers the guests with delicious pastries, but also hot dishes of the same high standard.

Many new soups, noodles, main dishes have been added to favorites of the previous menu, such as Goulash soup, Gerbeaud burger or breaded pork chop. Light salads and delicious sandwiches further enrich the food front, and newness can be found among our breakfast offer too. We have updated our dessert selection with summer flavors and long missed classics. Our homemade ice creams are available in doubled flavors throughout the summer period. As for the beverages, we also strengthened the icy line: cold coffee specialties, lemonades, smoothies in even more variations.

Curios? Check out our new menu here.

Looking forward to having you with us in any part of the day!