Special suprise from us to you in memory of Émile Gerbeaud

We are always aspiring to thank our guests for all the love we receive from them. This year is specially close to our hearts since it is Gerbeaud’s 160th birthday.

Émile Gerbeaud was not only famous for his innovative personality and incredible cakes and bonbons, but also for his love of contemporary art: he invited artists from his time to create the wrapping for all Gerbeaud sweets.

Following this tradition for the occasion of Gerbeaud Café’s 160th birthday, we asked three contemporary hungarian artists to design the wrapping of our Cacao Barry Or Noir 1858 birthday chocolate bar.

The beautiful wrappings of this chocolate available in a limited number were designed by Tibor Kiss, the singer of Quimby, Eszter Áron, CEO of ÁERON clothing brand and Kristóf Réti, young autistic artist from Autistic Art Alapítvány.

We believe in the importance of art as our founder, Émile Gerbeaud did, since our mission is the same: we both communicate with our own audience through our colorful art whether expressed visually or in flavors.


Looking forward to have both art and sweets lovers with us!