The cognac cherry!

This is how it’s done: the cognac cherry!

This year we turned 160 years old, it is time to share our big secrets with you..well, a part of them! 🙂
We would love to show you how our beloved bonbon, the cognac cherry is made.
What is important when it comes to cognac cherry is that it has been acclimatized by Émile Gerbeaud in Hungary and still today we are using his traditional recipe.

The World Traveller Magazine wrote this of the cognac cherry:

“(…)Émile Gerbeaud, who came from a famous confectioner family from Switzerland to Budapest opened his chocolate factory two years after his arrival and started to manufacture the chocolate bonbons, from where the cognac cherry became the most popular. The recipe books from his time mention chocolate bonbons, but does not contain the recipe of cognac cherry, so it is presumable that it was a workshop secret. After the death of Émile Gerbeaud the cognac cherry went into commercial traffic and became an upscale gift of the urban citizenship. This excellent bonbon keeps its traditional exclusivity for more than a 100 years now.“