Prices are for a slice.

Wedding cakes

Dobos cake

Based on the traditional recipe, sponge cake pastry layered with a chocolate cream made with vanilla and egg, and topped with caramel. Available in 14 slice version.

990 Ft/slice

Esterházy cake

Dacquois sponge cake pastry made with finely ground walnuts, layered with brandy-flavoured vanilla cream, and topped with the traditional fondan, decorated with chocolate. Available in 4,6,8,12,18-slice versions.

990 Ft/slice


French Linzer, cocoa sponge, coffee-dark chocolate ganache, marzipan-Bailey’s bavarois, encased in milk chocolate-Bailey’s icing. Available in 4 and 14-slice versions.

1190 Ft/slice

Royal chocolate

Crispy caramel wafer, hazelnut praliné and white Valrhona chocolate on a chocolate sponge base, crowned with a topping of bitter chocolate mousse. Available in 4,6,9,12,16,20,25-slice versions.

1190 Ft/slice

Gerbeaid Emil's legacy

Chocolate and almond marzipan sponge delicacy with homemade cognac cherry, chocolate mousse, topped with creamy dark chocolate cover. Available in 4 and 14-slice versions.

1190 Ft/slice

Sacher cake

Marzipan-based butter-chocolate sponge cake, filled with homemade peach jam, coated with Valrhona chocolate. Available in 14 slice version.

990 Ft/slice

Salty-peanuts apricot

Made of peanut butter and hazelnut praline with apricot on a chocolate sponge. Available in 4,6,9,12,16-slice versions.

1190 Ft/slice

Émile cake

White peach cream on vanilla flavoured financier sponge, with cocoa bean crisp and almond-white chocolate mousse. Available in 4 and 14-slice versions.

1190 Ft/slice

Pistachio yoghurt raspberry cake

Rasberry jelly filled pistachio sponge cake, white chocolate yogurt cream, pistachio-walnut linzer crisps, pistachio macaron. Available in 4,6,9,12,16,18-slice versions.

1190 Ft/slice

Gerbeaud cocktail cake

Gerbeaud cocktail cake in wooden box. Available in 8 slices.

8990 Ft

Gerbeaud 160 cake

On the occasion of our 160th birthday the GERBEAUD 160 CAKE was born, using the Cacao Barry Or Noir - 71,9% minimum of cocoa – dark chocolate, developed exclusively for Gerbeaud Café. The base of the cake is a cocoa buttery sponge with a caramelized dark chocolate mousse with blood peach gel layers, salt crystalline pecan roast, green walnut purée and dark chocolate frosting on top. Available in 4 slices with a paper box.

4610 Ft

Gerbeaud jour cake

Available in 4 slices.

3950 Ft