Breakfast offers

American pancake

Thick pancakes with maple syrup, banana and fresh berries, coffee or tea, 100 % orange juice

2890 Ft

Tapioca pudding with coconut milk

oat flakes, coconut milk, tapioca pearls, corn flakes, fresh and dried fruits, honey, coffee or tea, 100% orange juice

2990 Ft

Scrambled eggs with cheese, ham and homemade toast bread

Ham and cheese scrambled eggs, spring onions, cherry tomato, butter, cornichons, homemade toasted bread, coffee or tea, 100% orange juice

3990 Ft

Hungarian breakfast

Matured mangalica clod, Pálpuszta cheese, homemade sheep cheese, duck liver paté, fresh cottage cheese spread, Hungarian sausage, paprika, tomato, radish, butter crescent, coffee or tea, 100 % orange juice

3990 Ft

Breakfast for two

Ham and cheese scrambled eggs, matured mangalica clod, Hungarian sausage, caramelized bacon, cheese, seasonal vegetable, butter, fresh cottage cheese spread, tapioca pudding with coconut milk, pastry variations, fresh fruits, coffee or tea, 100% orange juice

6990 Ft

Chef’s favourite breakfast

Toasted brown bread with seeds, avocado cream, mangalica clod*, poached egg, raclette cheese, Hollandaise sauce, fresh baby spinach, cherry tomato, coffee or tea, 100 % orange juice * For an additional 800 HUF, the matured mangalica clod can be exchanged for smoked salmon.

3990 Ft

French breakfast

Homemade croissant or brioche, butter, homemade jam, coffee or tea, 100 % orange juice

2690 Ft

Walnut sweet roll 1250 Ft

Poppy seed sweet roll 1250 Ft


Brioche 750 Ft

3-cheese savoury scone* 750 Ft

Supplement our breakfast offerings - additional costs apply

Homemade jam 300 Ft

Butter 200 Ft

Freshly squeezed orange juice (0,2 l) 1800 Ft

Birthday breakfast at the 160 years old Gerbeaud Café

Gerbeaud breakfast

Smoked salmon slices, poached egg, salmon caviar, sour cream with dill, romaine lettuce leaves, multi-grain bread, tapioca pudding, homemade granola, dried fruits, a glass of Sauska Rosé Extra Brut sparkling wine (0,1 l) and freshly squeezed orange juice (0,2 l)

5990 Ft