Or Noir 71,9% dark chocolate
Net weight: 75 g, Shelf life: 12 months

1858 Ft


On the occasion of our 160th birthday the GERBEAUD 160 CAKE was born, using the Cacao Barry Or Noir – 71,9% minimum of cocoa – dark chocolate, developed exclusively for Gerbeaud Café. The base of the cake is a cocoa buttery sponge with a caramelized dark chocolate mousse with blood peach gel layers, salt crystalline pecan roast, green walnut purée and dark chocolate frosting on top.

4690 Ft


2018. 14 August – 14 October

Éclair "21st century"

Choux pastry made with cocoa crisp with yuzu cream, hazelnut and dark chocolate crispy layer, homemade blackberry jam and milk chocolate ganache, decorated with dark chocolate.

2018 Ft

Éclair "anno"

Choux pastry filled with cream flavoured with Bourbon vanilla, coffe flavoured whipped cream and fondant topping.

1858 Ft

Cognac cherry

2018. 14 June – 14 August

Cognac cherry dessert

Chocolate biscuit based chocolate mousse ball made from Valrhona dark chocolate with homemade cognac cherry pieces, with a piece of brioche with cognac at its centre, with glazed sour cherry coating and cognac cherry liquid that can be added into the dessert with a pipette.

2018 Ft

Cognac cherry anno

Sour cherries are kept in cognac for months, and then they are dipped in fondant and in dark chocolate several times before a 2-week aging process. During this period, dark chocolate solidifies, keeping its shape, and cognac is released from the sour cherry – the tiny dessert is ready.

1858 Ft

Diplomat puding

2018. 14 April – 14 June

Diplomat puding '2018'

French linzer based, fruit filling and vanilla cream layered, rum punch-soaked sponge cake with almond crisps and milky coating, which represents the innovation in Gerbeaud’s offer.

2018 Ft

Diplomat puding '1858'

According to the original recipe Diplomat puding prepared with vanilla and rum flavored cream, sponge cake, almond slices and whipped cream.

1858 Ft

Goose leg

2018. 14 February – 14 April

Goose leg '2018'

Chocolate mousse on cocoa dough with cognac cherry jelly and cherry flavored marshmallows in the middle, topped with coca crumble and dried cognac cherry.

2018 Ft

Goose leg '1858'

Cocoa sponge cake filled with parisian buttercream with homemade cognac cherry, covered with dark chocolate coating.

1858 Ft